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How to Create All of the Wealth and Success You Want in Your Life – Tip #12

This is tip #12 in the series, and we will probably be rapping up the series soon. I have published most of them as e-zine articles, but if any are missing, they are all available on my blog. Thanks, and enjoy Tip #12…

Tip #12 – Give yourself permission… Several previous tips hit on the fringes of this, but I feel like this is important enough that it deserves its own article, too. What could I possibly mean when I say you need to give yourself permission to create and have all of the wealth and success you want in your life?

Well, most self-made millionaires started out poor, and wanted something better for their lives, but they had to overcome this major obstacle. Most of us, if we are born into a poor family, are programmed from the time we are babies to stay poor. Our parent(s), without thinking about the impact it has, say things like: rich people are greedy; money doesn’t grow on trees; what do you think we are, the Rockefellers; you want me to buy you what, do you know how hard I have to work for what little money we have; if you want it, go out and get a job and earn the money yourself. If you want to be rich, WOW, what tough programming to have installed in you from birth!!!

So we have programming from birth that says it is bad and wrong to be wealthy. Our programming is unlikely to say, “It is okay to be wealthy if you don’t take advantage of others, and if you make the world a better place through the earning and use of wealth”. Furthermore, it likely teaches that the only way to earn money is by the sweat of our brow. It is unlikely that we were taught that we can get wealthy by thought, creativity, ideas, wise investments, etc.

Then, more layers complicate things even more. We spend years in school learning how to be good employees. We are taught to follow the rules. Every child must do the same work, and act in the same way. Forget about what you are good at, or where your passions would lead you; you must do the three R’s like everyone else. Forget about being unique, or finding your true calling. Every student must conform to the herd. To some extent, conforming is necessary for the public school system to work, but oh how it stifles creativity and individual ideas!

But I tell you, God did not intend for us to be the pine caterpillar. You see, if you place pine caterpillars end-to-end, in a circle, they will follow each other around that circle indefinitely. You can place food in the center of the circle, and the pine caterpillars will continue to follow each other around that circle until they die of starvation, so strong is their follow-the-herd mentality. They won’t break away on their own and go to the food. But to be wealthy and successful, you must break away from the herd. You must break away from mediocrity, and chase greatness in something. Wealth and success generally requires that you be very good at what you do – whatever that may be. Brian Tracy says you want to get in the top 10%, because all of the rewards go to the top 10%.

However, for most of us who were raised poor, no where in our programming were we taught that it is okay to be wealthy and successful. Instead, we were taught that the wealthy are greedy, or that they should be put on a pedestal that is not meant for us to attain (Rockefellers, Carnegies, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln – we were taught about them, as icons, but we were not taught that we could become like them – why?).

What I am saying is, if this is how you were programmed from birth, then there is a giant step that is necessary for you to take before you can achieve wealth and success… You have to give yourself permission to break out from the herd. You have to decide that you deserve more and better. You have to recognize that rich and successful people are often the most kind, giving, caring, and compassionate people in the world. I think I mentioned before some of what helped me with this step – the mantra, “I get rich doing what I love. I deserve to be rich because I add value to other peoples lives.”

For those of us who grew up poor, we need to overcome programming that equates rich with negative connotations. Until we do, we might have hit and miss successes, but sooner or later we will sabotage ourselves.

In T. Harv Eker’s Millionaire Mind Intensive, we did an exercise where we wrote down all of the negative programming we received growing up, and then, for each thing we came up with, we reprogrammed with new, more beneficial statements. I suggest you do something like this yourself. As an example, ‘rich people are greedy’ can become ‘rich people are giving, intelligent, and free to live life on their own terms’ (and if you don’t believe it, go out and meet some rich people and discover the truth – most are the later, and not the former!). ‘You have to work hard to earn money’, might morph into ‘money can be made through my ideas, thoughts, creativity, businesses, and good investments’. If you were treated poorly as a child, perhaps ‘you are worthless’, might become ‘you are a child of the most high God, and you were created for great things’ (a line borrowed from Joel Osteen)!

Once you come up with new programming, take it a step further. Harv says, wisely, that physical is memorable. So, first, write down your new statements, and say them out loud every day (the louder the better – you want to convince your subconscious mind). Second, make it physical. Put a large rubber band on your wrist, and every time you think the old negative thoughts, snap the rubber band hard enough so it stings real good (physical is memorable). Now you are taking steps to remove the old programming, and replace it with more beneficial new programming. Now you have better things in your future, and you are starting to give yourself permission!!!

Again, please pass this on to anyone you know who may benefit from it… Together, let’s get inspired, let’s get motivated, let’s create some buzzzz, and let’s help some people (family, friends, and ourselves) create all of the wealth and success we want in life!!!

Colocation Benefits For Businesses

For most businesses, except very large firms, Colocation can benefit a business by offering lower costs and higher performance than having the network in-house. Companies without the financial resources and office space to build a dedicated Data Center are better off sharing a Data Center with other companies.

The following are seven benefits for a business to Colocate their server:

1. Robust Power Supply – Using a Colocation Data Center provides a power redundancy on a level that is extremely expensive to replicate in-house. The premium Data Centers provide full surge and lightning protection, double or triple battery backup, and diesel power generation for extended outages. They offer vast expertise and equipment than your construction firm alone could afford on the task of keeping your servers running at all times. If your business chooses to have the server in-house instead of Colocating, you run the risk of losing data and suffering prolonged downtime through summer blackouts, winter ice storms, and other electrical calamities.

2. Physical Security – Even with all the password protection and software firewalls you install, nothing will stop an industrial spy or a disgruntled employee from breaking into your server closet and walking out with an armful of hard disks. The most common way for someone to steal your company’s sensitive data is by reading it directly off the disks. While you could invest in heavy-duty physical barriers, around-the-clock video surveillance with tape backup, and armed guards, the best way to safeguard your data is to use a Colocation Data Center.

3. Cheaper Network Bandwidth – By Colocating, your cost for a T1, DS3 or OCx Circuit is much lower per Mbps than it would be in-house. The savings is substantial enough that for the price of an in-house T1 line, a competitive Colo center will sell you bandwidth equivalent to a DS3 line, which offers an order of magnitude greater bandwidth. Or, for the price of leasing your own DS3 line, you can go optical at a colo center.

4. Bandwidth Burst Capability – It’s widely known that 99.9% of the time you are using only 10% of your bandwidth. But if your server is in-house it’s not practical to cut costs by reducing leased bandwidth to just that 10%. The reason is 0.1% of the time your bandwidth demand can spike to ten times it’s usual value, which then results in your business processes failing and customers turning away. To handle these spikes with an in-house server you end up paying each month for ten times the capacity you need. But by leasing bandwidth from a colo center, you are only paying for the 10% you really need. Colocation Data Centers have huge data pipes, so when a bandwidth spike occurs, capacity is there when you need it. Bandwidth costs are reduced because data spikes are distributed over time among the many different users of the facility. This makes long-term data usage much more predictable than for a business with an in-house server.

5. Reduced Network Latency – Reliable Colo Centers put their network directly on an Internet backbone, resulting in data packets moving through fewer routers as they make their way between your business and the rest of the Internet. Therefore, latency is reduced, providing much faster bandwidth speeds.

6. Physical Expandability – Businesses utilizing a Colocation Data Center do not experience any server downtime or time spent preparing for a live service transition. When a business needs to upgrade the amount of bandwidth needed, a better business solution is to rent space in a Colo Center. It’s possible to increase your server capacity by two, five or even ten times its current size without the headache of downtime or physically moving machines around. The cost for upgrading bandwidth is also divided among the many other users.

7. Environmental Stability – A Colocation Data Center can protect your data and keep your hardware running during times of flooding, earthquakes, fire and even humidity and air pollution. This is accomplished because Colo Centers are located on high ground in a geologically stable part of the country. As for the cost of this protection, a business shares the cost of these measures with other users of the Data Center. It’s much more cost-effective to share the cost with hundreds of other data-centre users than for your business to absorb the cost entirely because your server is in-house. Therefore, Colocation is the way to go.

This article isn’t an all-encompassing discussion of the advantages of using a Colocation Data Center, but merely a “scratching of the surface” look at what to think about when deciding which service is right for you business’ voice and data network.

Generally speaking, any business looking into what network technology makes the most business sense for their employees, business suites, and conference activities needs to do their homework and not jump without a thorough analysis. For help with that assessment, I strongly suggest taking advantage of the no cost research and support available through

Internet Marketing Plan For Internet Home Businesses

Every time I try and tell people about the potential of Internet marketing, the reaction I get makes me wonder if I am going ‘batty’.

I am speaking the Queen’s English, yet, it is as if I am speaking in a foreign tongue. My audience? The well read educated kind, of course, yet I cannot help the feeling of fighting a losing battle, talking to the literate uninformed.

The most frustrating element of it all is that the huge potential of internet home businesses is going untapped. There will never be enough of these businesses, nor will the World Wide Web get saturated with such businesses.

I have done my research, and I can prove beyond all realms of doubt that the ordinary man, yes the ordinary person, who might say he has trouble sending an email, can become a successful Internet Marketer, and have a few successful internet home businesses.

All that is needed to set up an internet home business, and a productive system of online passive income is a working ‘Internet marketing plan’. It does not cost a ton of money. If done the proper way, internet marketing can be a success and anyone can have successful online home businesses with as little an investment that one would spend on a yearly vacation on a shoe string budget.

Internet marketing and internet home businesses are the key to ‘online passive income’ streams. Like every business it needs the proper attributes of dedication and perseverance.

I know of a number of Internet Marketers, all down to earth high school graduates, or even lower, with a few ‘Internet Home Businesses’ each.

* They sell other people’s products.

* They do not have a brick and mortar land store, nor do

* They carry an inventory, yet

* They sell physical goods and

* They sell digital products,

and are making a living from it.